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If you are looking for the best personal traning, weightlifting, and bodybuilding social media app all in one place, then download MyFitBook for free! Get all the best fitness app tools, such as a calorie counter, food tracker, and weight lifting log, along with posts and videos from other fitness die-hards and professionals in a sleek social network format. Join our digital fitness community to help you surpass your limits!

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  • Express Yourself

    MyFitBook is your fitness and workout sharing platform. Post fits, targets, weekly workout trainings, videos, live stories, photos, diets, achievements & many more fitness information with the world, network (build relationships) for now or for the future.

  • Be Yourself

    Train however you want. Follow people you're interested in. Create your own workout schedule. Choose to share your information with friends, public, or only you.

  • Fitness Social Network

    Join millions of people in millions of communities across millions of workouts. Get connected with your fellow gym members. Follow somethings you love. Share your workout knowledge to new ones.

Build Your Fitness Profile

Creating fitness profile just a tap away

Fitness Networking

Many people get confused while choosing their mentor for fitness and exercise. Using MyFitBook fitness networking, you can meet your future mentors and fitness professionals.

Track Your Workout plan

Plan your workout routine & log all your exercise

Workout Plan

If you're trying to find the right fitness path, MyFitBook is a great place to start by following free workouts, bodybuilding, and weightlifting plans. MyFitBook allows you to view several different workout plans created by fitness professionals plus you can also create your customized workout plan and share them with your friends, family, and others.
By using our workout plan feature, you will connect to the best workout and bodybuilding fitness community.

Manage Your Nutrition Plan

Creating Diet Plan and Recipe just a tap away

Diet Plan/ Recipes

To achieve a great body shape, it's essential to follow the correct pattern of eating healthy and eating right. Diet planning and correct recipes are one of the reliable methods to kick start and stay on top of your weight loss goals. You can create a customized diet plan by using a food tracking app via MyFitBook. A unique feature of our diet plan and recipes is that you can share your diet plans, meal plans, and recipes with friends and family, and others. You can also meet the right people who follow essential eating habits via our MyFitBook free fitness app.

Calorie Counter

Check your calories daily

Calorie Counter

Many time people get confused in deciding what to eat and how to start the day holding full energy in the body and also remains consistent during the day while doing their routine activities. Now all you have to do is log whatever you eat every hour and get the record of the calories gained and burned throughout the day with our calorie counter app. MyFitBook provides you one of the easiest ways to track your daily calorie intake from the food and drinks you consume and track your calorie burned from the activity and workout you do.


Upload unlimited workout photos & videos

Upload Unlimited

Your aim is not only to be in shape but also to share your fitness experience with the world and how you feel while you are trying to workout. Using MyFitBook free social media app, you can share your unlimited stories, workout videos, and photos with the world.